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Welcome to Organix.Rosa

Our Journey to Dreams

Plants – the source of oxygen, the source of life. There can never be a compromise in their quality. Who said an individual cannot make a difference – here is a clear example.

A team of two has come up with the idea of providing the goodness of nature to every Indian who wants it.

Founded in the year 2020, Organixrosa is one of the dream places for every plant lover. From indoor to outdoor plants to medicinal plants – you will get a variety of choice of plants to buy from.

Organix.Rosa entered the market via Amazon.in first. We started with one customer, one positive review and grew from there.

Anuj Kushwah and Dinesh Bansal both have graduated from a science background. Anuj’s family always were into the nursery business. Dinesh spent most of his childhood in Anuj’s nursery and they then decided to continue the nursery.

Apart from the knowledge of business, they have been studying plants all their lives. So, they know everything about everything.

Welcome to Organix.Rosa

Why Us?

From packaging to selling, we are involved in everything that goes around in our business.

We believe that just like a house has to compulsorily have its kitchen and bedroom, it should be made mandatory to make every house with a kitchen garden. We also desire to not restrict one area to get exotic plants – but we want people from all over India to get this opportunity to get the best of the plants. You may not always get the plant you want in the best quality. But at Organixrosa, you will never find us compromising in our quality.

Organix originated from the word ‘Organic’ and Rosa is the botanical name for Rose, the sign of love. So if you are a plant lover, you know where to browse.

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“ We’re going to make the experience of discovering the perfect potted plants as wonderful as the plants themselves. “

– Founders